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Congratulations on taking your new plant from Peace Tree Farm home! Peace Tree Farm generously donated 1,000 houseplants from their Garden Geeks collection.


Click on the link below for Peace Tree Farm's post about the event, which also includes helpful information for taking care of your plant!

Peace Tree Farm supports CPI Plant Drops

Peace Tree


Want to know more about this event's plant donor? Peace Tree Farm is a strong supporter of the next generation of gardeners and horticulturists. Visit Peace Tree Farm's website below!


School of Integrative Plant Science

You can learn even more about plants by enrolling in the plant sciences major! If you don't want to change your major you can still minor in plant sciences or take plant science classes.

Cornell students in front of a Collegiate Plant Initiative sign at a Plant Drop

Collegiate Plant Initiative

CPI hosts Plant Drops across the country, bringing colleges and industry together to make #PeopleWhoLovePlants

Cornell studens enjoying their free Peace Tre Farm plants after a Plant Drop

Cornell Botanic Gardens

Want to stay connected to plants? You have a fantastic garden right on your campus! Visit the website below to learn more about visiting, volunteering or attending exciting events on campus.

Corel students enjoying free plants from Peace Tree Farm at a CPI Plant Drop

Dilmun Hill

Student Farm

Dilmun Hill is a student-run farm on campus. If you want to volunteer or learn more, visit their website below.

Cornell student enjoying a free plantin the rain



Hortus Forum is an undergraduate club at Cornell University. Learn more by visiting their Facebook page at the link below.