Plant Drops benefit the plant industry by creating future employees and consumers who love plants.

The Collegiate Plant Initiative is looking for companies who are interested in "adopting" a local college or university. CPI will match companies with colleges, then assist with event planning. We ask that you deliver the plants to campus if possible, since the limiting factor in Plant Drop events is transportation.

Additionally, CPI will provide university partners and/or industry partners with 1,000 "" plant tags. These are not meant to replace traditional plant tags, but rather provide one location for all students to visit to learn more about your company after the event. You will have the opportunity to choose what you would like to be featured on your event's webpage.

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The Collegiate Plant Initiative is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Please email Virginia at to learn more.



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Plant Drops are a fantastic way to reach the general student population in a fun and flashy way. Past university partners have used Plant Drops to talk to students about their department, student organizations and introductory plant classes. Horticulture clubs have even hosted fundraisers next to Plant Drops!

Due to increased demand for Plant Drop events, CPI is seeking colleges and universities who are interested in hosting independent events. These groups will receive social media and event planning support, but a CPI representative will not attend the event. Partners will receive a Plant Drop Kit containing promotional materials and plant tags linking to the "" website. Partners will be able to choose what they would like to include in their event's webpage.

Academic partners will be responsible for reserving a space, coordinating volunteers and conducting activities the day of the event. If an industry partner is unable to place these tags in pots before the plants are delivered, it is asked that academic partners place them instead. This should only take approximately 10 minutes and can be done while volunteers are waiting for the event to begin. CPI typically gives out laptop stickers to students while they wait, and will provide 250-1,000 stickers for your use. Several shirts will be provided for your volunteers or to give away before the event.

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"The amazing part of this is I just cruised campus for a bit after the event and spoke to those who had grabbed a plant, inviting them to a Horticulture Club meeting or to take the Intro to Horticulture course... Again, kudos to the Collegiate Plant Initiative for some serious horticulture PR!"

—  Matthew Chappell